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11 min readDec 2, 2021

Hello Explorers! We bring news pertaining to the future of CryptoMines and how we envision the upcoming updates to the project.

New Planets

For some time we have wanted to deploy a new set of planets in a different galaxy, allowing it to be self-sustainable and at the same time have different rules and attributes, keeping the scaling of the rewards so that players can see advantages when getting more Mining Power.

3 new Planets will be launched with different rules from those currently obtained by planets 1 to 30.

New Planet Rewards

The mechanics of these planets will be different from the regular planets with the following new mechanics:

  • The Licensing System will be applied to these new planets, allowing to start feeding land rewards.
  • A different percentage of success will be applied to the regular planets.
  • There will be a limit on the maximum success percentage granted by the Veterans Guild.
  • The factions will grant benefits in the maximum success percentage that these planets will have and will vary weekly corresponding to the Raid Winners faction.
  • Being much more distant planets than the previous ones, the fuel costs will not be linear.

We hope that the launch will reward those players who built fleets with more available slots to further advance their journey through the CryptoMines Metaverse.

Change of economic model to monetize the project

As developers of one of the largest games of the BSC, we have encountered multiple difficulties throughout the development of CryptoMines, among these, we found difficulties in monetizing the game economy as a company without affecting the liquidity of users or directly affecting their investments, since then we have considered multiple edges where we can diversify our economic model.

Taking this into account, after an arduous selection process, we consider that the most optimal way, we propose the following:

  • A small fee of 0.40$ USD charged in BNB will be added to all in-game transactions.
  • 0.40$ USD in rewards will be added in $ETERNAL on planets 1 to 5 as this change would greatly affect people with low capital.
  • A different fee will be added for expeditions from planet 21 onwards of $1.00 USD in BNB scaled up to planet 30 ($10.00).
  • Unlocked $ETERNAL from developers will be divided among the reward pool and 20% of this $ETERNAL will be locked for 6 more months in Unicrypt.
  • All BNB collected during the first days of this change will be used to add liquidity to the token.

With these changes, we managed to increase this confidence given that there will be no uncertainty for players as to when the founder's tokens will be sold, and there will be no uncertainty for some kind of ‘Rugpull’ given that all liquidity pools and founders tokens would be locked. With improved confidence in the project, it allows new investors to enter CryptoMines with fewer worries (beyond those innate to the crypto world), and thus get to explore our Metaverse.

With this idea we hope to leave you as a reflection of our vision of the project and let you understand as a community that we care about you and look out for the good of all, it is one of the few solutions that we found feasible to achieve a sustainable economic model for both the game and the founders and continue working hand in hand to bring you all the improvements that will be announced during the event.

Improve liquidity and Mass Mints

Due to the current low Token, many of our users are concerned about the liquidity status of the project, for this reason, we will make an important change in the Mint of both spacecraft and workers.

The Mass Minting option will be added so that all users can make mints in a simple and fast way, added to this, the price of the Mint will be changed, it will be 15$ in ETERNAL and 5$ in BNB.

These collected BNB will be used to add 10$ in BNB-ETERNAL liquidity tokens for the game and allow users to continue trading without encountering this kind of inconvenience.

Lands (Space Stations)

With this new implementation, we are interested in promoting users with larger investments that can enter the game and benefit from the size of CryptoMines, after many considerations, we have decided to implement a lands system where users who are holders of these are benefited by the volume of fleets in the market, so their rewards will be paid by the same volume of the game.

We will have a land system based on 3 rarities, Common, Rare, Legendary.

  • How to purchase these lands?: In order to purchase land you must be on a whitelist, to register on this whitelist you must have at least one fleet in the federation faction, which goes hand in hand with our next update which we will touch on later.
  • New Exploration License system?: A license purchase requirement will be implemented at each major bounty step jump, this will allow explorers to continue their explorations on planets 11 onwards.
    For example, if you go to planet 11 you will need to purchase a Silver Fleet license, from planet 21 onwards you will need to purchase an Adamantium Fleet license, and to attend planet 30 you will need a Diamond Fleet license, if you finally want to access our new planets, you will need to obtain an Eternal Fleet license.
  • What will happen with the money collected by the licenses?: The money collected by our licensing system will be distributed among the people who have managed to obtain lands within the game, the higher the rarity of your land, the higher the percentage of the money collected from the licensing money pool.
  • Will the lands only receive rewards for licenses?: No, the lands will not only receive benefits for the purchase of licenses from all active fleets in the Metaverse, but they will also receive benefits from all explorations made from Planet 11 onwards, each planet will deliver 5% of its rewards in successful expeditions to the owners of these lands.
  • How will the rewards from these lands be delivered?: They will be delivered daily and can be claimed by the landowners whenever they wish.
  • How will we be able to buy/sell land?: A new Marketplace will be created with an auction model for these NFTs, which will allow users to bid on purchases and sales, thus deciding who will be the landholder. The expected consequences of this new system of land, licenses, and damages, is positive for the economy, for the confidence of players and future investors who will be able to observe a more robust and solid economy where there are risks, profits, and not an inflationary accumulation of NFT.
  • Who will benefit from the lands?: All users will contribute a little to the rewards of these, allowing new investors to enter and a greater flow of liquidity for the project.

Raid Boxes

The RAID boxes reward the players who managed to obtain them with a special drop, given that the main premise of the Raid is a pity system that allows everyone to be victorious, we consider that these boxes give a boost that was missing to be more attractive in the eyes of the players. As more boxes are delivered and we see the distribution of items, we will be able to regulate (increase or decrease) the Drop percentages. All the new improvements can be sold in the Marketplace.

You will be able to receive the following upgrades:

- Name change
- Faction change (Random, including federation faction)
- Remove a fleet worker (1 use)
- Remove a ship from fleet (1 use)
- Fuel (minimum 1 day, maximum 3 days)
- Extra position within your fleet where you can add a worker (linked to the fleet)


These cosmetic boxes can be purchased for a cost in BNB per box, and will allow players to get upgraded versions of some items dropped in the RAID, as well as Raid upgrades that can be sold in the Marketplace. It is important to mention that the funds raised from the purchase of this box in BNB will be used to add liquidity to the $ETERNAL. You will be able to receive the following drops:

- Change of name
- Change of faction (tickets), a voucher will be issued for each faction including the federation faction with a lower drop percentage.
- Remove 1, 3 or 5 workers from your fleet
- Remove 1 or 3 fleet ships

PvP News

We understand that PvP is something quite expected by some players, however, we have multiple reasons why we consider that the most optimal for the game is to delay this release, among them we will mention the following:

- First of all, due to Blockchain limitations we cannot launch a completely decentralized game in the period of time we have because of the congestion that this would cause in the BSC.
- We are interested in launching a game where people can strategize and with the current CSB model it is not possible because it would be too many transactions.
- More time is needed for the development of a fully decentralized PvP.

Due to the points stated above, we prefer to delay PvP until Q2 of 2022, allowing us to implement previous improvements that promote the health of the game in PVE mode. We hope to deliver a better-developed PvP version, preferably decentralized, and finally with a strategy that allows users to feel real power in their decisions.

Voting Power

Within our Roadmap 2022, we want to announce multiple things, among them, the construction of our new roadmap, while it is true that we want to implement many of our ideas, we also want to listen to the community and what they want for the future of CryptoMines. This is why we have decided that the most optimal way to carry out this process is through a vote with Smart Contracts that will allow us to have power over the construction of the next steps that the project will take.

It will be a one-time event and this vote will take place on December 5th, in which there will be a list of features previously curated by the community.

By giving power over the future of CryptoMines to the community we can ensure a future in which everyone will have done their part in creating these updates and integrating all the languages of our communities into our project.

We hope that the community will be able to support this section of our game’s progress and that we will be able to create something that everyone can be proud of.

Management and vision of the game

Our vision for CryptoMines is a multi-faceted game that allows users to have fun with chance, we plan to expand our entire Metaverse with this vision, we have always been avid gambling fans and would like to take CryptoMines down this path with Roulette, Lotteries, Slots, and other mini-games that allow users to use their $ETERNAL in more speculative and fun ways within an entertaining Metaverse, this will allow us to maintain a healthier economy and less dependent on PVE and explorations.

We plan to develop multiple planets in the Casino model where users will use their $ETERNAL both Claimed and Unclaimed to have fun with our mini-games.

In line with this vision, we will implement the ‘Make it Double!’ feature in our next update.

  • Make it Double!: It will allow users to have the opportunity to double their rewards after mining the fleet, or lose everything, it will be double or nothing!
    $ETERNAL Lottery: We will also add our own lottery system so that users can have a chance at a big pot of rewards.

By implementing a betting system where users can spend their $ETERNAL in a fun mode, and with a chance in play, we will be able to guarantee longer life spans for CryptoMines and ensure greater stability in the economy. The development of CryptoMines will lean towards this Game-Fi Casino model, allowing a greater amount of coins to enter the reward pools, create fun from chance in multiple mini-games and allow our explorers to park their ships on these Fun Planets to use their precious $ETERNALs.

New features

In addition to the above, we will implement the following functionalities:

  • P2P Exchanges: We need this feature in order to avoid all the scams that happen to players who make exchanges outside the Marketplace.
  • Price change in the Marketplace: Now you will be able to change the price of your NFTs in the marketplace without delisting your NFTs.
  • Mass mining: For people who have large amounts of fleets we understand that daily mining can be tedious, we will add a mass mining feature where you will pay 10% of your rewards for this feature.

Creating a DEX based on CryptoMines

The general idea of having a DEX on the project side where you can quickly exchange your current assets and/or possible new assets within the Metaverse. The motivation for this is to increase liquidity by making it easy and simple through our current dApp and to be able to have economic models that reward these actions.

Having our own DEX will incentivize ETERNAL token harvesting through Staking and will incentivize users as we will be able to create features that reward LP creation.

The ETERNAL token price action is expected to be more stable and less manipulable by whales as these impacts will be lower.

Our biggest liquidity pool is currently in PancakeSwap and we as CryptoMines cannot make any decisions on this DEX, this causes that many times the staking and LP creations are not so attractive for certain users.

Idea for community voting

  • Repair of ships and workers’ illnesses.

In our quest to achieve an economically sustainable NFT game over time and to be able to provide the greatest benefits to our players so that they can project their profits in the project, we are at a crossroads where complexity is added at the time of delivering news that may not please players versus the alternative of not having a stable economy. Following this line of thought, multiple proposals arise that can help to solve sustainability issues.


  • Risk levels: After the first 15 minings, your fleets will have a very low percentage that will increase with each day of mining of having damaged spaceships, or sick workers, this status will be applied directly to the fleet.
  • Fleet States:
    -Urgent Repair: There will be 3 different levels of damage to your fleet, which will directly penalize the planet you will be able to assist as you do not have enough functional ships to be able to use the full capacity of your mining power.
    - Sick worker: Your workers can get sick, which will directly penalize your mining power available for use, i.e. if 5 workers of your crew are affected by a disease, they will not be able to be used unless they go through a healing process.
  • Repair/healing process: In order to repair or heal these workers you will have to sacrifice other ships and workers of lower rarity, allowing you to have a healthy NFT burn.

The overpopulation and eventual inflation of the NFTs in the economy causes an erosion both in the costs of your NFTs (they devalue) and also in your profits since the re-investment percentages are usually reduced because they are unnecessary if you have already acquired a large number of fleets, thus, in order to maintain current and future profits, you must take into consideration more re-investment factors which give more longevity to the game.

🖖 ¡Safe travels, explorers! 🚀



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