CryptoMines Update — Pre-Raids

Hello Explorers! Our first month live has been quite an adventure, CryptoMines is a success story across the Metaverse.

In preparation for the launch of RAIDS, we have decided to prepare the ground for these events by announcing upcoming updates and news.


Daily Mining: You will now be able to mine at any time of the day, all daily mines will restart at 00:00 UTC.
You are free from your worker’s burden!

Fleets main features:

  • They will be able to have a custom name.
  • The price of creating a fleet will vary depending on how many NFT you add to them.
  • Once your Fleet is created, you can add more Spaceships and Workers to make it stronger, you must pay in $ETERNAL the cost of $0.5 USD per NFT added. All $ETERNAL collected from fleets will go directly to the reward pool.
  • For example, if you create a fleet with 4 NFTs, it will cost you a total of $2 USD in $ETERNAL.
  • More Ships and Workers can be added to them, but they cannot be removed without separating the entire Fleet, so choose your crew carefully!.
  • They will have as many spaces as your Spaceships allow, keeping a maximum of 10 Spaceships per fleet.
  • You will be able to have multiple fleets on your account. Multiple Voyages!
  • They will gain experience and level up, allowing them to increase rewards in the long run. When you disband your fleet you will lose the levels you have gained.
  • Individual contracts to your workers will be replaced by a fleet contracts, which will have the same total cost of regular contracts, but in a single transaction, reducing GAS costs. You will be able to choose between using $ETERNAL from your unclaimed rewards or from your wallet, you will also get a small discount for hiring them for longer periods.
  • Fleets can be bought and sold in the Marketplace.
Experience Table


  • Spaceships🚀: To give even more value and utility to your awesome NFTs, we have decided to redo the functionality of the ships. For this we have designed a Rank system of up to 5 variations.
  • The Rank of your fleet will be selected by a majority system, the rarity of the spaceships that have a majority in your fleet will decide the Rank of your fleet.
    Example: if you have 9 Spaceships, 2 ships of 5【⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐】, 3 ships of 4【⭐⭐⭐⭐】and 4 ships of 1【⭐】. The resulting Rank of your fleet will be Rank D.
    Second Example: You have 3 Spaceships, 1 ship of 4 【⭐⭐⭐⭐】, 1 ship of 3【⭐⭐⭐】y 1 ship of 2【⭐⭐】. The resulting Rank of your fleet will be the lowest for not meeting the most repeated plus one, i.e. Rank C.
    Finally, let’s look at a functional example: you have 10 Spaceships, 3 ships of 5【⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐】, 2 ships of 4【⭐⭐⭐⭐】, 2 ships of 3【⭐⭐⭐】, 2 ships of 2【⭐⭐】y 1 ship of 1【⭐】. The result of your fleet is Rank S.
  • Marketplace: We monumentally improved our internal marketplace to support the hundreds of thousands of transactions that take place daily, the Marketplace tax will go up by 5%, reaching a total of 15%.
    All $ETERNAL collected from the Marketplace will go directly to the rewards pool.
  • Unclaimed $ETERNAL: Updated the way the daily withdrawal tax percentage decreases, the tax will drop by 2% the first time you go on an expedition in the day.
  • Planets🪐: We modified the base success percentage of our regular planets, allowing you to add more importance to your ships when selecting a powerful fleet. If you explore a Planet with a fleet of lower Rank than recommended, you will have a lower success rate, however, if its Rank is higher than recommended, you will have a higher success rate, allowing you to break the barrier of 88% success rate.
    The Planets will also be divided into four sections (expandable when there are more planets), this allows you to better balance the cost and contribution of your Spaceships, depending on the Planet your Mining Power allows you to go to, the sections are as follows:
    Section 1: from Planet 1 to Planet 10: Rank C is recommended
    Section 2: from Planet 11 to Planet 20: Rank B is recommended.
    Section 3: from Planet 21 to Planet 25: Rank A is recommended.
    Section 4: from Planet 26 to Planet 30: Rank S is recommended.
Table of success rates by Spaceship Rank



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