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Hello Explorers! Continuing with our latest announcements and updates we have decided to elaborate on a medium article so that you are aware of the biggest update so far in CryptoMines Reborn.

CryptoMines: Play to Earn
6 min readApr 30, 2022

As we have explained before, Reborn was on a downward trend that did not reward our players in our expected ways due to our initial focus which was to achieve a safe, stable and calm Metaverse where players could relax and traverse the Galaxy in the safest way possible, however, due to this same downward trend and feedback from the community we have decided to approve and push a new speculative approach where our players will find better rewards and at the same time can live the adrenaline and risk that always characterizes the crypto space, we also noticed the community’s liking of this approach and this is why the following updates have been made:

🌟 Skylight (Smart Reward System)

So far CryptoMines Reborn has been managed with an economy focused on stability in this chaotic Metaverse, however, this caused all players could be too calm in their travels and failed to evoke the necessary emotion for their adventures to have the excitement and danger that characterized them.

To help us with this titanic task we introduce Skylight, our new Smart Reward System (SRS) in line with the current NFT market this tool will allow players to participate in the speculation with the amount of $CRUX they have at their disposal while generating staggered moments of adjustments where values are updated.

All in-game costs (mint, rewards, fuel, etc) will be updated each time the token reaches a price threshold where the token effectively doubles in value from the pre-set base price of 2, this will allow the thrill of volatility and at the same time facilitate speculation with the opportunity for constant growth.

Once one of the thresholds is reached (2,4,8,16,32, etc) all costs will be updated to the original stipulated values, for example, if the token reaches a threshold price of 2$ USDT the value of minting will be 25WCRUX until it reaches the next threshold. If it reaches 4$ the cost of minting will be 12.5 WCRUX, in this same way once it reaches the limit of 8$ the cost of mint will be 6.25 WCRUX this same value will be maintained until another threshold is reached, if the token goes back down to 4$ the cost of minting will once again be updated to 12.5 WCRUX.

This Smart Reward System (SRS) allows us to create entry windows for new players at points where the currency has changed its value too much either up or down and at the same time be involved in the speculation game. Your potential earnings could be even higher than the established ones, the thrill of exploration is back!

💰 Rewards and changes to Stardust

To accompany these changes applied by our Skylight, we have decided to adjust and decrease the costs of Stardust while adjusting and increasing the damage in most of the planets to allow for better scaling between them, where users who decide to upgrade their crew and their Mine Power to be able to visit new and more dangerous challenges will be benefited with a fair amount of WCRUX for all newly acquired risks.

We have also modified the amount of Stardust received when burning either workers or spaceships (changed the conversion rate as well) allowing us to effectively lower amounts of Stardust required while keeping in line with the expected improved values over time. The following table shows current spaceship and worker values:

Stardust per Spaceship Burned
Stardust Per Worker Burned

In order to improve player progression towards the latest planets and in order to set a comparison between the two, Planet 80 rewards are now 50% better than before!

This also gives us the opportunity to shorten the ROI times a bit to make the economic formula more attractive and thus grow our community to new unexplored limits.

The following tables shows 2 examples set at Skylight price: 8$ and 16$ as examples, and shows Planet, Mine Power, Damage, WCRUX Rewards and Stardust Required for Repair:

Skylight set at 8$: All rewards and costs set at this price.
Skylight set at 16$: All rewards and costs at this price.

When reaching these thresholds values will adjust similar to what is shown above, maintaining important entry windows for new players every so often.

🔁 Updated Internal Exchange and Early Withdrawal Tax.

Since we now have increased rewards and decreased costs to improve your returns (ROI) it is also necessary to add an early withdrawal tax in order to maintain stability to the rewards pool and keep the Metaverse as stable as possible.

We will now have an early withdrawal tax of 75% on our Exchange which decreases by 5% daily until reaching 0% (15 days).

This counter is reset whenever you make a withdrawal from WCRUX to $CRUX.

💱 Exchanging your Dark Matter to WCRUX

Dark Matter will be retired as an stable exchange currency since its adoption in the Metaverse was not as expected, therefore it will be replaced by WCRUX which is an internal currency with an exchange rate of 1 to 1 with $CRUX, thus allowing the internal management of the economy of CryptoMines Reborn with WCRUX.

Your DM to WCRUX exchange can be done through our internal CryptoMines exchange in the “Convert DM Balances” section and will use the current value of $CRUX at that very moment for the exchange.

This conversion will change all your balances (In-game only, Dark Matter regular, Dark Matter Vault) to WCRUX. Finally, remember that when you change your WCRUX to $CRUX it will reset the early withdrawal tax counter to 75%.

🚀 Legacy Fleet Staking

Fleet staking will be unaffected, delivering all rewards in In-Game Only WCRUX, allowing these players to continue to explore, and perform all regular player functions while also benefiting from the price speculation that characterizes the current focus of CryptoMines Reborn.

🛒 Marketplace

To mitigate and be able to sustain all of these changes, many adjustments must be done in order to maintain stability, the tax rate for sales in the marketplace will be increased from 5% to 15%.

⚠️ Make sure to adjust your prices accordingly!

🧮 Calculator

All of the new values have been updated and adjusted in the calculator for all players to be able to see their new rewards and make sure to adjust their strategy for the best profits in the Metaverse.

With all the changes made and explained in detail above, we fully meet the expectations of the community which is a more speculative and risky approach that greatly rewards growth and at the same time surfing the waves of risk and volatility that characterizes the crypto market.

We want to grow with you and as always, Safe travels explorers!



CryptoMines: Play to Earn

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