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What happened to CryptoMines?

CryptoMines: Play to Earn
6 min readDec 7, 2021

CryptoMines was born from the dream of the developers to do better than its predecessors in the NFT P2E environment, for a long time it remained stable and in constant growth due to the great income and investment of new people both in $ETERNAL(trading) and in the game, allowing a snowball effect on the rise that caused that people who entered to buy many $ETERNAL could make Dumps of the token when it rose to a certain point, and thus began the fall effect amplified by these traders and collective fear.

In this way we could observe how it was a devastating fall as big as the massive growth of CryptoMines, where people’s confidence was totally eroded when the price of the token took a hit of that level, however, the main problem is that NFTs have no additional cost or wear and tear causing an over-population of these assets and thus reaching a point where some investors do not have the need to continue re-investing.

This same re-investment effect is necessary in order to continue with a healthy and collaborative environment of a P2E game as there must be movement of investment, reinvestment, and new revenue to maintain a sustainable ecosystem over time or directly more longevity, CryptoMines at its peak managed to make refill its reward pool with more than 1.2million Mints per day, after the fall, we started to see numbers hovering around 50k and even less mints per day, accumulating a debt due to lack of trust and re-investment in the game.

Proposal for voting

The CryptoMines universe has been terribly affected in the last days by Space Colossi, we are then at a terribly complicated crossroads, first of all if we continue with the current pace the $ETERNAL of the universe will be scarce for everyone, therefore, we propose a complete interdimensional transportation of the CryptoMines universe, to another part of our Metaverse where discount tickets for mints (which can be exchanged in the market) will be given to all current CryptoMines players and everyone will be able to do their part to achieve a much more stable game with all the improvements CryptoMines needs today to guarantee a better tomorrow.

We propose to launch a game with different mechanics to mitigate external manipulation of the token, oracle directly at the time of the claim, a circulating economy that allows constant reinvestment and NFT’s that degrade over time allowing greater longevity to the project.

There will be no pre-sale or private sale of the new token, as having played CryptoMines will give you an initial discounted entry to our new universe, in addition, the initial liquidity will be provided by the developers.

We will also offer you a 3D world where you can descend to explore each Planet and collect resources, these worlds will allow you to immerse yourself in the universe of CryptoMines(Reborn) and manage your characters in a third person camera, this will allow us to add multiple new features, not only visual, for example, skins, gameplay mechanics, scholarships, among many more that we will be revealing later.

Migration Mechanics

From CryptoMines(Legacy) you will be able to migrate to CryptoMines(Reborn) the following:

You will be able to convert your fleets into discount tickets for MINTs from CryptoMines(Reborn).

Depending on your Rank and Amount of Mine Power you will be given a number of discount tickets for Mints in CryptoMines (Reborn).

Game Details:

  • The costs of Mint in CryptoMines (Reborn) will be different than in CryptoMines (Legacy).
  • Mint will be available for 3 weeks.
  • Once the Mint is disabled, a breeding system will be implemented in order to obtain new NFTs.
  • Your NFTs will have more features besides Mine Power.
  • The contracts of the NFTs will scale corresponding to the Mine Power of the fleet.
  • The internal currency of CryptoMines (Reborn) will be Dark Matter(DM), which will have a constant in-game value of 1 to 1 with the USDT, and can be used for all in-game transactions, including the market. Upon claiming your Dark Matter(DM), our token will be issued with oracle system (securing your claimed amount).
  • 5% of the rewards in our new token will be delivered directly to your wallet after each expedition.
  • Dark Matter(DM) can be exchanged (claimed) every 15 days.
  • You will have constant burning of NFT’s for repair and maintenance of your fleets.
  • There will also be mini-games within this 3D world where you can use your tokens.

Time for the development of the new project: 5 days for the initial phase after the voting ends (all functions except the 3D world, the breeding system and mini-games), 2 weeks for the first Beta Test of our 3D functionality.

Tokenomics para CryptoMines(Reborn):

  • 1% tax on all token purchases and 2% of all sales, these taxes for all exchanges will go back into the reward pool, thus allowing the external exchange of the token to fuel the game.
  • Token Supply: 5,000,000 tokens.
  • Marketing/collaborations (listing on exchanges and other collaborations): 10% of the tokens.
  • Reward pool: 40% of tokens.
  • Liquidity pools: 50% of tokens.
  • Monetization of the project: All fees collected during the first weeks will be used to add liquidity and repurchases of the new token. After that, 20% of the fees collected from in-game management will be used to constantly add liquidity, and the remaining 80% will be used to cover costs and improvements of the project.

If this vote is approved, CryptoMines(Legacy) will continue to function normally until its reward pool reaches a critical state (reaching 0) where it is no longer possible to continue payments.

If not approved, CryptoMines(Legacy) will continue to function normally until its reward pool reaches a critical state (reaching 0) where it is no longer possible to continue payments.

Why rework and restart the game?

The only way to ensure the long term sustainability of CryptoMines is to do an entire rework, achieving an economy from 0 with degradable NFTs that need constant reinvestment in order to keep generating assets. This way, if an NFT is created it will not continue to cause negative effects on the economy months later.

Starting from 0 also avoids the current inflation that exists in CryptoMines, it will be possible to migrate an initial liquidity investment by the developers (also allowing people who wish to acquire the token and enter the game in the future), thus achieving a game with greater stability and longevity.

How will the discounts for CryptoMines(Legacy) players be delivered?

By having an initial investment from the developers, this will correspond directly to the discounts given for the players entry from CryptoMines(Legacy) to CryptoMines(Reborn).

They will be given exchangeable Tickets in the marketplace, which can be used to obtain discounts on CryptoMines(Reborn) MINTs.

Where will developer liquidity be locked?

Developer liquidity for CryptoMines(Reborn) will be locked in Unicrypt for 5 years allowing exchanges in the future.

Will there be a pre-sale of the token or private sale?

There will be no pre-sale or private sale, tokens will be available for purchase when it’s listed. This will be announced before listing on our official channels.

Why do we do all this, what is in it for the CryptoMines team?

The CryptoMines team since its inception set out to make a name for itself in the Blockchain era. We strongly believe that with CryptoMines we have managed to have an important foundation to build trust, for this reason we do not want to stop delivering quality projects to you.

We as a team have done everything possible so that CryptoMines(Legacy) did not have this shattering end, which saddens us a greatly but is out of our hands as it was caused by desperation and massive sales in which reinvestment was completelly demolished. Currently, there are people who are buying $ETERNAL just to hold which directly affects the circulating economic model of CryptoMines(Legacy), which ended up being counterproductive to the longevity of the project.

Final measures for CryptoMines(Legacy)

The $642,000 $ETERNAL currently unlocked will be added to the CryptoMines (Legacy) Reward pool in an attempt to lengthen the constant and massive withdrawals currently being made. The next $ETERNALs that are unlocked will be steadily added to the Reward pool until they are at 0.

CryptoMines Dev Team~



CryptoMines: Play to Earn

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