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9 min readApr 19, 2022

Dr.Emrys hosted an AMA with CryptoMines Developers on 18 April 2022, this AMA covered a lot of topics talking regarding CryptoMines Legacy and CryptoMines Reborn.

Here you can find an translated transcription of the AMA:

— Dr. Emrys: With everything that has happened, the market situation, the continuous scam projects and the community losing interest in NFT games and what happened with Legacy, when you decided to release Reborn, what did you think would be the differentiating factor?

— Team: Between Reborn and Legacy there are multiple factors that make them different. We’ve always been transparent with our projects and we are very aware that every single project out there in the market is profitable for every investor, and we don’t want to sell those smoke and mirrors.

We are focused on staying real with our community and we want to make sure that we educate most of our players in order to build a sustainable ecosystem amongst all of the different investments.

Cryptomines Reborn have this fairly long ROI, that will allow the up and downs during the development of the game to make sure that everyone gets their piece of cake from the benefits ahead of us.

— Dr. Emrys: Regarding the liquidity in the Legacy Reward Pool, why did you guys do it?, what were you trying to reach for?

— Team: This liquidity was decided to be destined to be added on the reward pool because there wasn’t any way to pay off the debt that was left on CM Legacy, and there were a lot of people who didn’t get their ROI back, and that’s why we decided to give up our eternal vesting to the community so we could help some players to benefit from the game.

— Dr. Emrys: Is there anything else planned for Legacy ? Is this injection of liquidity the official end?

— Team: We had a plan that was explained in an announcement, we don’t have any more tokens in our hands to try to get it back. It is a project that we will always remember and we appreciate everything that it did to us and the community, but it’s officially over. The marketplace is the only section that it’s going to stay active.

— Dr. Emrys: About the fleet staking, at first it was for MP and then for $CRUX contributed. The numbers of fleets in staking were not very high. Was it what you expected?

— Team: The fleet staking was a different way to give out some utility and option to the players who played CM Legacy and also to give more opportunity to the new players from Reborn, we also wanted to burn some NFTs and if the expectations were accomplished, try to get CM Legacy back, however, it didn’t happen, so it’s safe to say there’s nothing left to do about it.

— Dr. Emrys: Why are there so many changes in the first steps of the game? What new variables have emerged that were not visualized during the previous months of preparation?

— Team: The development of a game is very dependant of how the market in general is working. The time is vital within any game. In CM Reborn we tried to advance our options in a different way to Legacy, so it took us some months to figure out the different mechanism that would allow the community to be auto sustainable inside the game. It’s about giving what the community asks for and mostly, what the community needs.

— Dr. Emrys: Legacy and Reborn are two very different beasts when it comes down to the ROI. What was your scope in terms of sustainability, ROI and duration of the project?

— Team: Our initial ROI was set up to the between 3 to 6 months. It was slightly changed because in the marketplace the prices began to fluctuate and at the current moment, the nfts are cheaper than usual, and therefore, the ROI is shorter right now. In fact we realized that it is not very attractive for the community and so we looked for other ways to try to make it in a less time than those 90 to 180 days.

There are many people comparing the success from Legacy to Reborn, but the truth is that there isn’t any indicator that CM Reborn is going ‘’down’’ because the price is not rising 50% a day like the eternal did once. To this day, the minting is going great and the reward pool is fed and full of liquidity. We also have some cards under our sleeve in case that we will use in order to keep the game alive and active as long as it can.

When $CRUX was launched into the market, and there was a lot of FUD about certain wallets that had tons of tokens. But whales aren’t supposed to be seen as a negative light because they feed the reward pool, they add liquidity to the pools and they also help the economy to be seen as attractive for the eyes of the new players.

— Dr. Emrys: What was the design concept behind Stardust? What value did you think it would have? If it depends on the activity of the market, do you think it could be a problem that people can repair without going through the market now?

— Team: We care a lot about reinvestment. The amount of the rewards from each planets are very high so we use Stardust to be the one who would balance the sustainability inside the game.

The Stardust incentives minting and it adds value to the principles of the game, because the point of it is to make everyone excited about improving your fleets as you move along the planets, and it also adds some randomness and strategy through minting and it defines Cryptomines as a game because that was our focus since day one.

— Dr. Emrys: Why would it be worth going to high planets if it does not improve the ROI?

— Team: There’s a wrong idea about the higher and lower planets. If every strategy is made through out minting and the ROI is not based on the prices from the marketplace since these are decreasing and rising depending on the current situation the game is, it stays the same between higher planets and lower planets.

Future Adjustments: Stardust cost to damage ratio will be balanced on some planets keeping the same daily cost, but with less stardust required.

— Dr. Emrys: How would that be possible? Lowering the probability of success of the planet?

— Team: The stardust will be lowered and the daily cost will be adjusted. But in the end, the final price between what is currently paid and what we are going to implement will remain similar to the game, but the dynamic will change for players to feel more comfortable within the different mechanism in the game.

We will make the higher planets more attractive and if there’s nothing that will affect in a negative way the economy, we will take some profitable actions for all the players without a doubt. CMR is made to incentivize the players with lower investments to keep on building their way up to the higher planets.

— Dr. Emrys: Are u considering reducing some of the transactions that consume gas fees since there are a few of them?

— Team: We’ve learned a lot from Legacy. In our experience, we’ve noticed that there are a lot of exploits and weaknesses that can be found within the game, so that’s why we’ve put our best into making CM Reborn the most safe place possible for all users.

There are many games nowadays that are exploited through the development of some sort of smart contract that is able to bug the minting process through the blockchain. So that’s why it’s important to protect the economy through the double validation on the BNB chain. We are very proud to have set up this mechanism. We are aware that there are some transactions that add up expenses to each player but our game is very complicated, Cryptomines is 100% about blockchain, so it’s not cheap to interact within the economy.

We don’t have any tokens allocated for the team, so we use some of the BNB gas fees to be able to maintain and update the CM Reborn ecosystem. We also use it for partnerships, listings, salaries, etc. We consider it to be better than having tokens for this kinds of utilities so we don’t cause any massive sell that could affect the game economy.

— Dr. Emrys: Could there be other tweaks that lower daily expenses and maintain the ROI? For example: Reduce the DM reward for the expedition but make the fleet only take damage if it succeeds or directly under the full repair Stardust of those levels.

— Team: Those changes can be made but if you lower the amount of Stardust we will have to lower the rewards and we can’t imagine at the moment what result would cause in the community. About the expedition not being damaged when the fleet fails, it could be more complicated. We want to try to create a balance that allows players to feel calm and we don’t want to be constantly switching strategies. However, the rise in rewards on the highest planets is confirmed.

— Dr. Emrys: Beyond the current game version, with mechanics similar to Legacy. Are there any extra gameplay mechanics for the future?

— Team: Sure. In fact, we’ve kept on with the 3D gameplay ever since we started, yet we still have some priorities because we want to make sure the economy is going great before we launch 3D and lands. We have some demo’s going on and there are workers being able to walk and in the future we’re going to implement them in order to give out some entertainment and value to the player’s experience.

— Dr. Emrys: What about the skins?

— Team: They are meant to be collectioned and we want these NFT’s to have value inside and outside the game.

We want the players to feel connected to what Cryptomines Reborn aims for. We think it’s important that we adjust all of the smallest details in order for the community to be happy so that way we can sum up in a healthy long-term economy. There’s always a reason for every single decision that we take, and we are motivated by the community to be able to be part of this profitable and sustainable through the time game.

— Dr. Emrys: What about the team? Are you expanding?

— Team: Sure. We’ve definitely grow the members of the team. We’re constantly looking for new partnerships and helpers. If anyone’s interested we have all the doors open. We need different kinds of people who can work along with us. We're very thankful for all of the persons that work for the game, it isn’t such an easy job.

— Dr. Emrys: How do you see the communities distributed amongst the world?

— Team: Our current scope is aimed on making sure the economy is as sustainable as it can be, but we will allocate tons of marketing to the growth of the game once we’re officially set up. However, a few past weeks ago, we joined an important event in which we talked about Cryptomines Reborn and we got to interact with really important investors.

— Team: We’re not looking for financing, our project is very organic. So we’re focused on maintaining the game develop in a natural way. About CEX’s, most of them rise the volume of the token yet don’t really add up value to the gameplay and that’s what we’re focusing on, because the tokens acquired in CEX’s are mostly from speculators so we don’t want to make this a priority

We don’t have a roadmap, we don’t consider it to be relevant since it can trigger back to the team. Besides, it allows speculation by investors. We will keep in touch with the announcements and updates that we’re constantly preparing. However, our main priority is to keep the community on touch with everything’s that being baked in the oven.

About switching to another network since these are some questions that have asked the community, we think BNB Chain is the most safe one for every player. The BNB chain have been working a while with a lot of P2E games for a while now and even though it’s not perfect, it’s a very verified network that we trust on.

Thank you very much for you all’s times, we wanted to let the community in on the many new updates that are coming up. We wish to keep on touch with many of you as possible. We’re working every single day and we want to thank to all the players that encourage us and other new investors to believe in this game.

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